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Benefits of soaked almonds


Benefits of soaked almonds in honey are wonderful for digestion as well as your brain and other organs. We have collected the most significant beneficial properties of this amazing food.’

Benefits of soaked almonds No.1: Improve Digestive Health

Soaked almonds can help make your digestion easier and quicker by speeding up the entire digestion process. The outer part of an almond with its hard structure, can make it hard for digestion ( 1). But, soaking helps activate the almonds’ nutrients which makes them more digestible and decreases the levels of anti-nutrients ( 2). Almonds that are soaked release lipase (a breaking enzyme for lipids) which works with the fats present in food items and assists in digestion ( 3).

A study by the University of California (Davis) found that soaking almonds temperatures of room temperature for 24 hours can increase their bioavailability for nutrients by the reduction of phytic acid (a inhibitor of nutrient absorption) ( 4).

2. Aid Weight Loss

Regular consumption of nuts such as almonds increases metabolism and aids in weight loss and decrease the chance of developing obesity ( 5).

Consuming almonds that have been peeled and soaked in the morning, as part of a diet low in calories has numerous benefits, including the reduction of good (LDL) cholesterol as well as weight reduction ( 6), ( 7). Additionally, it is linked to a decrease the waist size, weight and weight loss ( 7).

Nuts at moderate levels can also result in an increase in energy expenditure within the body, leading to weight reduction ( 8).

3. May Do Good During Pregnancy

Almonds are a great in folate ( 9). Folate supplementation can aid in labor and helps prevent congenital heart birth defects in babies ( 10).Soaking the almonds improves the bioavailability of the nutritional element.

4. May Improve Brain Function

Almonds are thought to have L-carnitine. However, there isn’t any evidence to support this. L-carnitine can aid in the growth and production of neurons in the brain ( 11).

The almonds contain also phenylalanine which improves memory and cognitive function9),( 12).

They are high of vitamin B6 and E as well as B6, both of which are known to protect memory, slow cognitive decline that is associated with Alzheimer’s disease and increase the bioavailability of substances to the cells of brain ( 13), ( 14).

Almonds also contain omega-6 as well as omega-3 fats ( 9). Studies suggest this fatty acid can assist in the growth of the brain ( 15). A study on rats revealed that almonds increase the levels of acetylcholine within the brain. This can improve memory and slow the development of cognitive impairment due to age ( 16).

However it is necessary to conduct more research to determine the effects of almonds soaked in water on brain functioning.

5. May Promote Heart Health

Almonds are a great source for plant protein as well as potassium and magnesium. These are essential nutrients for fighting cardiovascular diseases ( 6).

Almonds that have been soaked also contain antioxidants and polyphenols that can prevent heart problems ( 17), ( 18).

However there is a need for more research to establish a direct link between eating almonds that have been soaked and the prevention of heart disease.

6. May Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Almonds that have been soaked in water are rich in monounsaturated acid fatty acids (MUFA) which reduce cholesterol levels in low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or “bad” cholesterol in your bloodstream ( 6).

Vitamin E in the content in these nuts can aid in fighting LDL and increasing the amount of the high density lipoprotein (HDL) also known as “good” cholesterol in the body ( 9), ( 19).The minerals magnesium and potassium can aid in the regulation of blood pressure ( 20).

7. May Boost Energy

Consuming almonds soaked in water can aid in increasing the metabolism of your body, thus increasing energy levels. Almonds contain potassium and riboflavin which aid in increasing the rate of energy efficiency ( 21), ( 22).

8. May Improve Blood Pressure Levels

Low sodium as well as the high potassium content in almonds could aid in preventing the blood pressure from increasing ( 9), ( 23).

Blood pressure levels are one of the most common causes for heart attacks, strokes as well as cardiac arrests. The magnesium found in almonds can aid in reducing the risk of arterial congestion ( 24).

9. May Treat Diabetics

Almonds that have been soaked help maintain your blood sugar levels in control. A study of 20 Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes found that the consumption of almonds improves the lipid profile and helps improve the control of glycemic index( 25).

10. May Treat Constipation

The insoluble fiber present in almonds that have been soaked can aid in the treatment of constipation. It regulates the movement of bowel in the intestines, thus alleviating constipation-related symptoms ( 26).

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