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We have compiled eight health benefits of almond butter in the following elaboration, in which they are proved to be good for you, where each benefit you can have if you consume almond butter regularly in your daily diet. Almond butter in Abuja are rare but i know a great place where you can always get your regular supplies.

Rich in Protein

Almond butter is rich in protein and is a natural resource of fiber. In just two tablespoons of almond butter, you may have 7 grams of protein which provide excellent benefits for your body. The fiber content in almond butter also believes in helping to promote the digestion process.

Rich in Nutrients

Inside almond butter, you may also get extra nutrients such as magnesium, iron, and vitamin E in large quantities. Thus, it makes almond butter as another option for individual’s health awareness, regardless of peanut butter.

It is Packed with Antioxidants

We know that antioxidants provide significant benefits to fight against free radicals. If your body gets a lot of exposure to free radicals, your body cells may susceptible to damages, resulting in the risk of the heart ailment, cancer and other diseases associated with it.

Consuming almond butter on a regular basis surely gives a positive impact on your body, because the almond butter works to provide antioxidants to protect cells from its damages, enhance the metabolic system and stimulates the nervous system so that the body gets a healthy supply of oxygen and nutrients.

It is Rich in Calcium and Copper

The high content of calcium and copper in almond, making it considered as a “brain food”. The function of brain cells may work if there is an adequate intake of calcium and copper, in addition to almond also helps to maintain the function of the nervous system in check.

For sustaining of your body strength, the calcium inside almond also support muscle function, improve the bones strength and maintain healthy bones. Thus, along with two minerals that found in almond butter, you do not need to hesitate anymore to include this kind of nuts into your healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Fats Content for Heart

Healthy fats required in promoting the healthy heart. Almond butter also contains healthy fats in a good dose. The unsaturated fatty acids included in the types of healthy fats are very effective in eroding levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and maintain your heart in a healthy condition.

Reduce the Blood Pressure

The buildup of cholesterol in the blood vessels resulting in obstructed blood circulation and makes the heart has to work harder to pump blood throughout the body, it is the reason the blood pressure arises.

Making the almond butter as a daily diet menu is a right choice to reduce cholesterol level in the blood; thus, it may help in lowering your blood pressure.

Contribute to Control Blood Sugar

Aside from helping in reducing cholesterol levels, almond butter is also great for controlling the blood sugar. You can consume almond butter with no afraid that your blood sugar is going to arise. In fact, it will lower and stabilize your blood sugar after you eat the meal that rich in carbohydrates, in which carbohydrates typically causes insulin and blood sugar levels to rise.

Weight Loss Control

Almond is known for having a high-calorie content while a calorie is a threat to some people who are on a strict diet to lose or maintain their weight; therefore, some people think that they should avoid almond butter if you want to control your weight.

However, almonds are also rich monounsaturated fats, protein and fiber that helped you in maintaining ideal weight of your body, even eating almond butter is an easy way to obtain energy naturally without worry with your weight gain.


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