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Pistachio Cake Recipe

Pistachio cake is an underrated dessert flavor. Is it because of the green? Or because it’s a nut? More people should give pistachio a chance. Pistachios pair wonderfully with almond and vanilla flavors, not to mention butter and sugar. (What doesn’t?) In fact, did you know that pistachio flavored ice cream gets most of its …

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To boost your immune system has become a crucial action to take in these times as corona virus becomes more amplified in a weakened immune system. There are a number of factors to consider in order to boost your immune system but over the years eating nuts have always been the safest and most readily available food or snack to boost your immune system.

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Perfect Nuts for valentine

Nuts for valentine has become a growing trend among lovers who cherish each other’s health above the sugars and cholesterols dealing negatively with a lot of relationships these days. It has been proven that nuts are the perfect snacks for your heart and weight management. If your sweetie would rather stay healthy and avoid the …

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Interesting Facts about Almonds

Here are Interesting facts about almonds. Almonds are edible seeds of the almond tree. The almond tree is native to the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and North Africa. Historians agree that almonds were one of the earliest cultivated foods. Almonds are mentioned as far back in history as the Bible. They were a prized ingredient in breads served to Egypt’s …

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10 REASONS WHY the Walnut Should be Part of your Daily Diet:

HERE ARE 10 REASONS WHY the walnut should be part of your daily diet: 1. They contain omega-3s and other “healthy fats.” Unique among nuts, walnuts contain the highest amount of alpha-linolenic acid, the plant-based omega-3 essential fatty acid. As one of the best plant food sources of omega-3s, a 1-oz serving of walnuts provides 2.5 grams of ALA. …

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