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Don’t eat almonds if you find yourself within any of these categories. In as much as almonds are a rich source of needed nutrients in our body, caution still needs to be applied in using them. The crunchy almond is one of the most widely consumed tree nuts around the world. The almond contains potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, fiber, protein, and fiber, which provides several health benefits. As a result, you can keep your skin healthy, lower heart disease risk, decrease cancer risk, and lower blood pressure levels

Like any healthy food, excess consumption of almonds can lead to problems with the digestive system, so they shouldn’t be eaten in excess. Can almonds be avoided by some people? This question was recently posted on Quora, and it caught our eye. A physician and clinical nutritionist at Apollo Hospitals, Dr Priyanka Rohtagi, helped us find an answer. In her opinion, these people should temporarily avoid eating almonds:

Those taking specific medications

Those on laxatives, blood pressure medications, and antibiotics should also consult a dietician before including almonds in their diet. Almonds contain quite a bit of manganese by nature. Almonds contain 0.6 milligrams of this mineral, which is 27 per cent of the daily value. When consumed in large amounts, almonds may trigger drug interactions, especially when combined with a manganese-rich diet.

A person who has nut allergies

If you have an allergy to any kind of nuts, you should avoid almonds as well. If you suffer from allergy symptoms after eating nuts, then avoid almonds as well. It is possible to develop anaphylaxis after eating nuts. You should consult a doctor immediately.

People having difficulty swallowing

Nuts should also be avoided by children and older people who have difficulty swallowing because they could increase the risk of choking. The risk of aspiration may be higher in dementia patients, Parkinson’s disease patients, and people with reduced mobility.

Vitamin E supplement users

Despite their high vitamin E content, almonds contain excessive amounts of fat. An almond contains 7.4 milligrams of vitamin E and we need 15 milligrams of this nutrient every day. Vitamin E overdose can be caused by excessive consumption of almonds and vitamin E supplements, said Dr Rohtagi. Diarrhoea, headaches, blurred vision, lethargy, and flatulence can result when you use this medicine.

When you find that you are in any of these categories, please don’t eat almonds for now till you have passed.

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