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i love almond nuts


I love almond nuts so much, I eat them everyday. While at work, while at home, my almond nuts are always with me and I am going to share with you here in this blog why this is so.


I love almond nuts because of the following:

Eating Almonds Reduces Hunger, Lowering Your Overall Calorie Intake

Almonds are low in carbs and high in protein and fiber.

Both protein and fiber are known to increase feelings of fullness. This can help you eat fewer calories.

Almonds Are Effective For Weight Loss

Nuts contain several nutrients that your body struggles to break down and digest.

Your body does not absorb about 10–15% of the calories in nuts. Additionally, some evidence suggests that eating nuts can boost metabolism slightly

Due to their satiating properties, nuts are a great addition to an effective weight loss diet.

Quality human research supports this.

Almonds Can Lower Cholesterol Levels

High levels of LDL lipoproteins in your blood — also known as “bad” cholesterol — is a well-known risk factor for heart disease.

Your diet can have major effects on LDL levels. Some studies have shown almonds to effectively lower LDL.

Almonds Can Assist With Blood Sugar Control

Nuts are low in carbs but high in healthy fats, protein and fiber.

This makes them a perfect choice for people with diabetes.

Another boon of almonds is their remarkably high amount of magnesium.

Magnesium is a mineral involved in more than 300 bodily processes, including blood sugar control.

Almonds Are High in Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a family of fat-soluble antioxidants.

These antioxidants tend to build up in cell membranes in your body, protecting your cells from oxidative damage.

Almonds are among the world’s best sources of vitamin E, with just 1 ounce providing 37% of the RDI.

In Conclusion

So, you can now see why I love almond nuts so much that I eat it every time. My fear for gaining weight is my major motivation why I love almonds a lot.

Join me on my almonds plan and lets have a great healthy lifestyle. In Nigeria? you can get your best almonds here

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